Tundra Brakes Installation

With the added weight of camping gear we decided it would be a good idea to upgrade the brakes on the 4Runner.  After lots of research on YotaTech if found that you could install factory Tundra rotors and calipers directly onto the 4Runner.  The major benefit of the Tundtra brakes is the increased heat capacity of the rotors when pulling a trailer or carying a heavy load.  I don’t know that there is a large difference in in-town breaking performance as there isn’t much of a difference in caliper design between the factory 4Runner and the 2001 Tundra. The piston size is the same, but the break pads are slightly larger.

You can see the difference in rotor width is substantial

There are two different sizes of calipers that are available, 199mm and 231mm. I went with the 199’s as the 231’s require modification to the caliper and factory 16” aluminum wheels.  I chose to use the calipers from a 2001 Tundra for the installation. 

3rd Gen Caliper vs. Tundra 199mm Caliper

One trick I found was to use Little 'Red Cap' caulk tube coverc to cover the end of the break line when it was disconnected. They worked really well preventing break fluid from dripping all over the place.

Here is every thing installed! It took me about 1hr per side to complete.