12-Volt Overland H2O Systems

We are unable to fulfill any orders for our water system. We hope to start production up in mid-2017.

Please note we continue to have issues getting parts in to make these water systems.  We have purchased all of the Whale pumps available in the US and are awaiting more to come in from England.  

Seeing the needs of our fellow budget-minded travelers, we developed a simple on-board water system.  Our water system can be attached to an inexpensive water jug, with minimal modifications, and provide a reliable flow of water in camp.

Don't take my word for it, Chazz Lane did a great write up on the system for Expedition Portal, check it out by clicking here: "Water System in a Can".

The DIY 12-volt water system kit includes:
  • Submersible water pump
  • Swivel faucet with electric switch
  • 2ft of food-grade tubing
  • 2ft 6in of 18-2 wire
  • 12-volt cigarette lighter electrical connector
  • Heat-shrink tubing
Easy to follow instructions on how to assemble onto water cans can be found here.

Our pre-assembled kit comes fully assembled on a Scepter Military Water Can (MWC) cap, and can directly replace the cap currently on your MWC.

Kit assembled on a Reliance Jumbotainer

DIY Kit Order - On Backorder

Pre-Assembled Kit Order - On Backorder

Pre-assembled with Scepter MWC cap start

Submersible Pump-  - On Backorder

Whale GP1002

* We have had some great questions coming in regarding the system. The kit does require assembly; including cutting/tapping the Scepter cap (can be attached to most water jugs), and soldering the wires. The fully assembled kit comes mounted to a Scepter cap and is ready to go when it arrives.  Just replace your current cap with the new system and you are off and running.

** Also, the system can be run directly off of solar.  We have run the system directly off of our PowerFilm solar panel (60Watt). The system draws just over 3amps (37Watt) at full flow. You can get by running the system on a 30Watt panel, with a slightly lower flow rate.

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