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TCT Magazine - October 2014 Issue

Wahoo, the October 2014 issue of Toyota Cruisers and Trucks Magazine is out!  We are super excited about this issue; it is packed with some great articles and a few recipes.  Be sure to check it out at Toyota Cruisers and Trucks Magazine!

Review: Bushnell SolarBook 600

  • Weight: 23oz.
  • Size: 9.25 x 8.3 x 1.3in.
  • Deployed Length: 47.25in.
  • Charge From Wall:6 Hours 
  • Charge From Solar:6 Hours
  • USB Outlets:2
  • Power Output:5v, 1a
  • Battery Type:Dual Li Ion
  • Price: $209.40 (Amazon)

Plugging in Outdoors:
If you are like me, you are carrying more and more electronic devices with you into the field.  We rely upon these gadgets to make our lives easier, and stay in contact with friends and family.  With this reliance upon technology comes a need to ensure these devices are properly charged, a difficult task when you are away from a power source.  Having worked in the construction of, and currently working on a degree in, alternative energy technologies around the country, I have seen the price of solar panels continue to come down as the quality of devices increases.  While not the answer to all of our energy needs, there have been some cool developments in the industry over the last few years.  Included has been the explosion of what I would call 'personal' solar charging solutions, my current go-to for electrical power in the field.

Review: (EO)2 Fastener - Final Review

In my initial review of the (EO)2 Fastener (found by clicking here) I talked about how excited I was to find the mounting system and all of the possibilities I had thought about for using the bottom and top rails.  By mounting a set of bottom rails to our Subaru, 4Runner, and Land Cruiser, I could easily move equipment from one vehicle to another or keep it stored, out of the way, on a set of rails in the garage.  So after testing the system out over the last few months, which included a few road trips, am I still in love with the system or is the 'honeymoon phase' over?