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Winter Fly Fishing | Time to Embrace the Low!

The morning air has become crisp, and snow is beginning to fall in the mountains. Although Winter doesn’t officially start until December 21, it already has it’s icy grip on Wyoming. The change in weather has sparked a shift in priorities among our local outdoor enthusiasts. Many spent the Fall in remote areas of the Rocky Mountains trying to fill their freezers with game meat. While most of my friends and family are gearing up to pursue epic runs at area ski hills, I am getting ready to chase monster trout in the rivers below.

Late Fall and early Winter offer outstanding opportunities for fly fishing if you know where to look and how to fish the water. I grew up fly fishing in and around the greater Boise area and was always amazed by the trout that my dad and I caught between November and February, even in town!
Things are getting pretty low around here, but the fishing is excellent!

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