Review: Oregon Scientific ATC Chameleon


DCroyle said...

NIce review. It was good to see the positives and the shortcomings. I think they really need to offer better control over the video (single vs. both views) and audio.

NetDep said...

Yes, excellent review!! Helpful and really showed the camera. If you did not have a video camera, would you prefer this or the GoPro for a first video experience for overlanding/expedition/camping/family movie kind of stuff?

Beau Johnston said...

I don't think I would purchase this as my first/only POV video camera. I don't think it is very versatile as a stand-alone camera. Half-way through testing the Chameleon, I purchased the JVC Adixxion. I met with JVC this August at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market and was really impressed with the design. We will be testing it over the next several trips.

NetDep said...

Thanks!! Checking that out -- NEVER even was aware there was such an assortment of "action video cameras" -- might need to learn to edit video?!?!?

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