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36-Hours | Exploring Casper's Pioneer History - Old and New

Very rarely do we get the opportunity to write about the community we have called home since late 2012, Casper, Wyoming. Like those pioneers who moved west along the Oregon Trail some 175 years ago, we moved east from Idaho in search of a better life. I had survived five layoffs in three years while working at the Idaho National Laboratory, and the toll my three-hour daily commute took out on us left us looking to uproot our lives. We said we could live anywhere for two years and took a chance on a community we had only visited during my interview. Nearly six years later, we have embraced Casper as home; loving all this community has to offer.

I was ecstatic, as you might imagine, when I was offered the opportunity to write about Casper as part of Oregon's Mt. Hood Territory’s 175th Commemoration of the Oregon Trail. Unlike our other travel articles where we are exploring some remote corner of the globe, this time we invited our good friend, Colter, to come down from Montana so w…

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