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The Ultimate Insulated Growler Comparison

In early 2017 I set out to quantify which was the best-insulated growler on the market. The ubiquitous Stanley Thermos had slowly been squeezed out of the marketplace by newcomers to the market like KleanKanteen and Yeti. In fact, Yeti's 64floz Rambler took home the top prize for our first 64floz Growler Showdown.

Fast forward to 2018 and the market is exploding, with new insulated growlers popping up in stores every time I turn around. I decided it was time to revisit our original comparison. Taking note of feedback we received, I decided to make some tweaks to our testing procedure to ensure a repeatable process so that we could continually test and rank new growlers as they came onto the market.
Updated Testing ProcedureUnlike our 2017 test, where we placed the five growlers outside in near-freezing temperatures, this time we cleared out space in our home freezer. This provided an area where we could place two growlers in (reasonably) consistent -10°F conditions so that we can …

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