12-volt water system - Scepter installation

Parts included in the kit: (Now available for purchase in our store)
  • 1 Submersible Pump
  • 1 Electric Faucet
  • 2' of 3/8"ID tubing
  • 2' 6" 18ga two-strand wire (18-2)
  • 1 12V cigarette outlet adapter
  • Heat-shrink tubing
  • 3 zip-ties
  • 1ea rubber wire grommet

Tools Required:
  • Soldering Iron and solder
  • Hacksaw
  • 1/2"NPT tap
  • Lighter
  • electrical tape
  • 7/16" drill bit

  1. In order to assemble the faucet onto the to the Scepter cap, the threaded spout must first be cut down.  Using a hacksaw, trim the spout down to the lip.  
    • Note: A small file can be used to clean up the surface.  Ensure a flat surface for the faucet to mate with.
  2. Carefully tap the cap's spout using the 1/2" NPT tap.  Care must be taken to ensure the threads are inline with the spout's center line.
  3. Drill a hole for the rubber grommet adjacent to the vent and half way between the spout and the edge of the cap.
    • Note: The rubber grommet will be inserted later.
  4. The faucet can now be thread onto the spout.  Remove the faucet's nut and white tapered section from the mounting shaft.  Carefully thread the faucet into the cap.  Position the faucet so the line between the center of the spout and the center of the vent is perpendicular to the axis of the faucet's body.  The faucet can be setup for both left-side or right-side operation.  Once the faucet is in position, thread the nut onto the faucet and tighten to secure the faucet in place.
    • Note: Tighten the retaining nut 1/4 turn past snug. Tightening more than this can strip the plastic threads.
  5. Connect one end of the supplied tubing to the pump and the other end to the faucet. Zip-tie the pump wires to the tubing and both the faucet and pump wires through the 7/16" hole in the cap.  Cut both sets of wires 1.5" past the top of the cap and pull back through.  Carefully remove 1/2"-5/8" of the outer insulation from the pump wires and strip 3/16" of insulation from each individual wire.  Carefully remove 1/2"-5/8" of the outer insulation from each end of the supplied 18-2 wire and strip 3/16" of insulation from each individual wire.  It is now time to solder the wires together using the following configuration:
      • Pump Blue; Faucet Blue A
        • Faucet Blue B; White 18ga; 12v plug positive
          • Pump Brown, Black 18ga; 12v pump negative
        1. Wrap each individual soldered connection with electrical tape.  Once the soldered connections have been made and taped, slide the 3" piece of heat shrink over the 18-2 wire and cover the solder area.  Use a lighter to heat the tubing.  Place a zip-tie around the wiring/heat-shrink tubing, 1" from the end of the end where the pump wires enter.  
        2. Insert the rubber grommet into the 7/16" hole.  Feed the 18-2 wire through the grommet to the point where the heat-shrink comes in contact with the grommet.
          • Note: A few drops of water helps to lubricate the 18-2 wire so it passes easily through the grommet
        3. Strip the insulation from the and attach to the 12-volt cigarette plug.


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