Food on the Road

What is Food on the Road?

I am always amazed by the people we meet when we travel.  This is especially true of the farmers, ranchers, food producers, and food artisans we meet along the way.  We try our best to eat local as we travel, and often rely on these individuals for the food we eat.  Directly connected to the food they sell, independent food producers provide the best source of information on how to work with the ingredients.

We began our Food on the Road series to showcase these individuals, and the food they produce.  The series will be a way for us to highlight the farmers, ranchers, food artisans, and producers that make up the nation's, and eventually the world's, independent food systems.  Think of it as Farm-to-Fork while on the road.  We hope to explore the culture surrounding the food we eat, and find the best recipes to showcase the ingredients these individuals labor to produce.  

Where have we been?

We need your help!

Do you feel like our Food on the Road project is important for us to write about?  We need your help to bring these stories to light.  By donating to Living Overland, you will help Beau, Krista, and the team travel to, and photograph, these independent food producers.

Do you know of a farmer, rancher, or producer we should visit?