Article Submission Guidelines

Writer's Guidelines:

Living Overland is an online publication covering people, travel, camping, gourmet cooking, and automotive topics. Although our site was originally started as a blog for Krista and Beau Johnston, we welcome the opportunity to work with writers to publish articles that align with our core focus. In particular, we look for articles on outdoor/overland events, trips, and activities; informative seasonal activity pieces; profiles on engaging overland characters; and investigative stories on travel issues.

Article Text: Submitted articles should reflect the tone and content of existing Living Overland articles. Feature articles are generally 800 to 1,200 words in length. Dispatches articles (500 to 800 words) cover events, issues, and short profiles. Travel destinations pieces (300 to 1,000 words) include places, news, and advice for overland travelers. Review articles (500 to 1,200 words) examine and evaluate outdoor gear and equipment.

Article Photography: In general, submitted articles should include one photo for every 100 words. All photographs should be submitted in .jpg format. Include all photos in a separate folder labeled "Photos." If your photos must be in a certain order in the article, label them Photo1.jpg, Photo2.jpg, etc. All photos must be a minimum of 1,500 pixels along the longest edge. To ensure proper placement within the article, use {{Photo1}} in the Word document. If captions and credits should be included, note the details in the Word document with {{Photo1 | Caption | Atribution}}. All photographs published on Living Overland will be watermarked with Living Overland's logo. By submitting photographs and images to be included in Living Overland articles gives Living Overland the unexclusive rights to use/published the photographs and images on

File Submission: Living Overland will provide a link to a DropBox folder where all documents can be uploaded.


Living Overland compensates contributors on a case-by-case basis. First-time contributors are not compensated for their articles. Subsequently published articles are paid at a rate of $0.07 per word of the finished work. "Finished work" is defined as an article that has been agreed upon by both Living Overland and contributor as ready to be published. Payment may be reduced for articles that require substantial editorial revisions or do not include the required number of images.

Gear reviews, where Living Overland provided the equipment being reviewed, are not paid. The equipment being provided for the review, unless the equipment is being loanded to the reviewer, is considered payment for the review.

Submit article ideas to livingoverland at