Grilled Fresh Fruit Kabobs With Drizzled Chocolate

We ended an afternoon trip into the mountains by stopping off at one of the national forest picnic areas to make dessert. Over the years we have found most 'camping' desserts are too heavy and require too much time to prepare. Grilling fruit is a simple way to create a tasty dessert while camping. You become the envy of the campground when chocolate is added to the mix.

This is one of those recipes where home preparation is not required. In fact, you want to retain as much of the fruit's juices, so it is best to cut the fruit just prior to grilling. For our dessert, we chose to use pineapple and mango, but most firm tropical fruit will do. We began by cutting the pineapple and mango into one-inch chunks and placing them on two skewers.

Next, we turned our attention to the chocolate. Hershey's Syrup was not going to cut it for this dish. We chose to use a quality milk chocolate bar, although dark chocolate would work too. We improvised a double boiler by using our GSI Outdoors Glacier Series medium saucepan and lid. We filled the sauce pan with water and placed the lid upside down on top to melt the chocolate. The chocolate melted quickly with the stove on medium heat.

While the chocolate was melting, we turned our attention to grilling the kabobs. We created a wood fire in our collapsible Volcano Grill, You don't want the fruit to burn, so use a small fire and turn the skewers often. We pulled our fruit off the grill when the center of the fruit was just slightly warm. We then divided the fruit into bowls and spooned the chocolate over the top.