Review of GSI Outdoors' Cascadian Tableware Set

It can be difficult to decide on the gear we take camping, and tableware is no exception. There are a multitude of materials and styles to choose from. We feel the GSI Outdoors' Cascadian 12 piece tableware set provides a balance of functionality and practicality for the camper on a budget. 

Included in the set: 
  • 4 plates 
  • 4 bowls 
  • 4 mugs 
  • 1 mesh carrying bag

Cascadian Tableware Set by GSI Outdoors
Photo courtesy of GSI Outdoors

Our Thoughts 
The Cascadian tableware set offers several features we find essential when camping. The 12 piece set is inexpensive, we picked ours up from a local sporting goods store for around $25. We think the polypropylene is a great choice in materials. With a combined weight of 26.5 ounces, the set is nearly one-third the weight of GSI Outdoors' comparable enamelware set. We didn't feel the reduced weight compromised the rigidity of the set as we piled our plates high with food.

Although the set comes with its own carrying bag, we have found it nests nicely with our GSI Glacier cook set. We place the bowls and mugs inside the small saucepan and leave the plates under the large saucepan. Both sets can be stored in a single mesh bag.

The tableware set nesting inside our
GSI Outdoors Glacier cook set.

Everything is contained in one mesh bag.

The only downside we see with the set lies with cleanup.   After a greasy meal, like sausage for breakfast, it seemed like more soap was required to clean the surfaces of the plates and bowls than was required for our stainless cook set.   This additional soap was minimal and was applied directly to the scouring pad.

Cleanup after a sausage and egg breakfast.

We have found the Cascadian tableware set to be the perfect addition to our camping kit. The set is inexpensive, light weight, nests into a compact package, and sturdy. Although the polypropylene may require additional soap to wash after a greasy meal, we feel the positive attributes outweigh this minor setback. We have, and will continue to, recommend the GSI Outdoors Cascadian tableware set to those interested in budget friendly camping gear.