Restoring Your Metal Cookware

Whether we find the perfect addition to our cook set at a garage sale or our trusty pieces just needs to be cleaned to remove the evidence of years of use, there comes a point in time when we need to breathe some life into an old piece of camping cookware.  

Our coffee pot in use
We love to use our old percolating coffee pot to boil water when camping, and there is no better way of doing it than right on the fire.   After years of neglect, it was time to breathe some life back into it and bring it back to it's original luster.   For this project, we used Bar Keepers Friend to remove the accumulated soot and tar buildup.

We began by rinsing the pot in hot water and used a plastic scouring pad to remove any loose debris from the surface.   Next we applied a small amount of Bar Keepers Friend to a wet wash rag, as directed on the back of the container, and worked it onto the surface.

Beginning to remove the buildup of soot and tar

The coffee pot is beginning to show signs
of its former self

We continued by rinsing the pot with warm water and reapplying the Bar Keepers Friend until all of the surfaces were clean.   The result was a thoroughly cleaned coffee pot, ready for several more years of use.

The finished product was a restored
percolating coffee pot
*Note: Bar Keepers Friend should be used according to packaging directions and should not be used on enameled metal or anodized aluminum.