Review of VinniBag

Whether you are taking a bottle of your favorite balsamic vinegar with you to camp or are returning from a trip to California's Sonoma Valley with a bottle of your favorite Syrah it is important to protect them from  being damaged during transport.  We were once forced to wrap our bottles in an extra T-shirt or bubble wrap, place them in our chuck box or luggage and hope they made the journey undamaged.  No matter how well we packed, there was always the possibility of a bottle breaking and leaking onto and damaging or ruining the the items around it.


We no longer have to worry about bottles breaking and leaking with our VinniBag.  Retailing for $28, the VinniBag is designed to securely hold a standard 750ml wine bottle but can be used for a multitude of fragile items.  Instructions are printed on the bag and are clear and easy to follow. Bottles are inserted into the bag, the air chambers are partially inflated, the bottom is rolled up and secured, and the air chambers are fully inflated.

The air chambers provide a thick cushion around the wine bottle, protecting it from the abuse of airline travel, while the dry bag like seal keeps the contents of a broken bottle in the bag and not on your clothing.

Our Thoughts

Our friends at Ellessco sent us one of their VinniBags to take with us to Chile to test and, boy, were we glad they did!  We used our VinniBag to successfully transport wine we purchased from a vineyard west of Santiago to Puerto Mont by plane and later as we criss-crossed Region X by car.  We found the bag to be well built and easy to operate, allowing us to quickly remove the bottle to pour a glass of wine, and re-secure within the bag in a matter of a few minutes.  Although we did have a jar of preserved apples open during our return flight to the U.S. (due to a poorly sealed lid), the contents were fully contained within the VinniBag and did not leak onto our clothing or gear, saving us hundreds of dollars.  We believe VinniBag is a must-have for any traveler and we will be recommending it to our friends.