Inexpensive On-Board Water System

We live out of the back of our 4Runner for days at a time and to make life just a little easier we built this inexpensive on-board water dispensing system.  The water tank sits adjacent to our cook stove and allows us easy access to fresh water when we cook. We can also roll down the back window to fill water bottles while we travel.

  • 1 Whale 881 submersible pump (*now GP1352)
  • 1 Shurflo 94-009-01 faucet
  • 3' of 3/8"ID tubing
  • 3/4"NPT-1/2"NPT reducing bushing
  • 7-gal Reliance Products Jumbo-Tainer
  • 4' 18ga wire
  • 1 12V cigarette outlet adapter

Tools Required:
  • Soldering Iron
  • Hacksaw
  • 5/16" drill bit
  • Drill
  • Dremel Tool

In order to assemble the faucet onto the to the Jumbo-Tainer cap, a small bushing must be made to adapt the two.  Begin by cutting the threads off the 3/4"NPT-1/2"NPT reducing bushing just below the hex top.  Using a Dremel Tool or file, remove the interior threads.  The threaded portion of the faucet will eventually pass though this area.

Drill a 7/16" hole into the Jumbo-Tainer cap to route the pump wires.  Place the supplied rubber grommet in the 7/16 hole and pull the wires through.  A couple drops of water can be placed on the wires to lubricate them as they pass through the grommet.

Next, secure the faucet in place using the supplied nut and connect one end of the tubing to the pump and the other end to the faucet. Zip-tie the pump wires to the tubing and run through the 5/16" hole in the cap.

It is now time to solder the wires together using the following configuration:
  • Pump Blue; Faucet Blue A
  • Faucet Blue B; Red 18ga; 12v plug positive
  • Pump Brown, Black 18ga; 12v pump negative
Cover the soldered connections with heat-shrink tubing and bundle all of the wires together using a flexible wire cover.

We plug our system into the 12v outlet in the back of our 4Runner.

Using the setup in camp: