Review of Fire Wire Flexible Skewers

Kabobs are an easy and fun way to prepare a meal when in the back country.  There are several materials and styles of skewers on the market to choose from, and now INNO-LABS is changing everything with their FireWire flexible stainless skewers.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Length: 
  • Quantity: 2 per package
  • Price: ~$10 per pair

Our Thoughts
We had the opportunity to take a pair of the FireWire flexible skewers on our Independence Day Weekend camping trip. We used the skewers, in combination with one of their many their marinade kit varieties, to cook some chicken and vegetable kabobs.

FireWire marinade kit and required ingredients

We loaded our chicken onto one skewer and placed it into the supplied marinade bag.  We loaded our second skewer with our vegetables, preferring to cook them separately because of their shorting grilling time.

To cook, we looped the skewer prong through the looped end and placed the loaded skewers on our heated grill. INNO-LABS markets these skewers as having a cool to the touch end that does not require tools to flip. We were uncomfortable with the idea of not heating up the entire skewer, after all it had just spent a couple of hours in the marinade bag with raw chicken, so we simply fed the prong end below the grate for a few minutes to burn off anything that might be on it. After removing the skewer prong from the below the grate using a Leatherman, we allowed the prong end too cool by hanging it off the side of the grill. The cooled (and sanitary) prong made the skewers easy to flip with our bare hands.

We were a bit skeptical of the round skewer design; improperly cooked food on a round skewer is a distinct possibility caused by freely spinning food. Looping the FireWire held the food close together, making it easy to flip the skewer while ensuring that food did not spin around the wire


We found the INNO-LABS FireWire Flexible Skewers to be very handy during our Independence Day Weekend camping trip. We found the flexible design to be handy on our small camping grill as we could shape the skewers to fit the area. The FireWire end loop allowed us to flip food easily without food spinning on the round wire. We found them to cleanup easily with a quick scrub of hot-soapy water and they stored easily rolled up in our drawers. We would recommend the INNO-LABS FireWire Flexible Skewers to anyone looking for a convenient way to grill kabobs while camping.