Review of KAI Magnetic Blade Guard

Keeping your favorite chef knife from being damaged during travel and keeping your fingers safe when reaching into your kitchen drawer or chuck box is essential to being able to prepare a meal on the trail.  Chipped or dull blades can make cutting food difficult, requiring additional force, which can lead to injuries.  A fail-proof method of protecting your kitchen knives is crucial for the chef on the trail.  The KAI Magnetic Blade Guard is designed to protect your knife's blade from damage during transportation.

  • Material: Silicone and magnetic tape
  • Dimensions: S - 6"x1.5", M - 8"x1.5", L - 10"x2.5"
  • MSRP: S - $13.00, M - $19.00, L - $25.00

Our Observations:

We have been using our set of Magnetic Blade Guards to transport our kitchen knives on recent outings and to cooking classes.  The design uses a silicone outer shell and hinge in combination with two magnetic strips on the interior.  When closed, the blade is held securely in place by these two magnetic strips, one on either side of the blade.  The guard, which can be cut to length, wraps fully around the blade and protecting it from damage.  Although KAI recommends placing the back of the blade facing the hinge, we felt more comfortable with the the edge facing the hinge; just a little bit of extra insurance against possible damage.

We like the simplicity of the KAI Magnetic Blade Guard.  The magnets securely hold the blade within the guard, yet allow it to be easily opened.  Although the design relies heavily on the strength of the blade for overall rigidity, we believe that if the guard was cut so that it was 1/2" to 3/4" longer than the blade, the point would be protected if accidentally dropped.  The only major downside we see is the price.  Although we like the concept and feel the design would allow for years of use, $25 for a large guard is tough to swallow.  Due to its limitations in rigidity, we would not recommend the KAI Magnetic Blade Guard to anyone who just tosses their cutlery in their chuck box with the remainder of their cooking gear.  We do believe the design has its place, and would recommend the guard for those travelers who have a dedicated knife storage location where the blade can be protected from impacts.