Review of PopSome by Vacu Vin

Keeping food organized in the 4Runner is very important to us.  We often find ourselves on the road for several hours at a time as we travel from one location to another.  When we roll into camp we don't want to be searching around for ingredients when we are getting ready to prepare dinner.  Reusable plastic containers are a great way to store ingredients and can save money on extended trips by allowing you to purchase staples in bulk.

  • Model: Candy/Nut, Rice/Sugar/Coffee Grounds, Spice/Herb
  • Volume: 2 cups, 2 cups, 2/3 cup
  • Price: $10/ea, $10/ea, $25/set
Our Observations:

The Vacu Vin's PopSome line of containers offer a unique lid design that allows for quick access to your favorite snack or spice without the need to remove the lid.  The container's center cone provides a sealing surface for the lid's center opening.  Push the center of the lid down and it seals shut; pull it up and poor out the contents.

We actually found we liked the PopSome Sugar and Rice more for snacks and PopSome Candy and Nut for our rice.  Although the two hold roughly the same two cup volume, we felt the Sugar and Rice container was better suited for grabbing a handful of raw almonds while we traveled down the road.


We found the PopSome containers to be very handy during our travels.  We liked the quick opening design that allowed for easy access to the container's contents while ensuring the contents weren't spilled while traveling down rough roads.   In an age of cheap/flimsy reusable food containers we were pleasantly surprised to find the PopSome containers to be very sturdy and well-made.  The lids fit snugly on the lip of the container with enough grip to prevent falling off.  Although the pricetag for a single container is high when compaired to lesser quality containers, we feel the design features and construction quality justify the added expense.  We would recommend the Vacu Vin PopSome containers to anyone looking for a quality food storage container for their camping trips.  Our only suggestion to Vacu Vin would be to offer them in larger sizes and in square shapes to be more space efficient.