2011 Head of Sinbad

Head of Sinbad Pictograph
N38 52' 48", W110 46' 13"

Driving in

Getting There: 
Access to the site is fairly easy, following unpaved frontage roads along Interstate 70. The roads were fairly good for our drive, but we would reccomend a vehicle with higher clearance due to very rutted roads.

The cliff wall

Site Information:
The site is home to the Head of Sinbad pictograph which is a very well preserved piece of rock art.  We found two pictograph panels on the cliff wall, the above being the most notable and a second to the left.

Second Pictograph

Notes About our Visit: 
We arrived at the site late in the afternoon on a beautiful fall day and we found the lighting to be perfect for illuminating the two panels.  We spent approximatly 20 minutes walking around the location taking photographs of the panels and landscape from various locations.

Camping:Although we did not camp here, the area looked perfect for finding an unimproved campsite in a secluded area. There were several spur roads that also looked like they would be fun to explore.

Pinion Pine