2011 Hole N The Rock

11037 S Highway 191
Moab, UT 84532

Getting There:
Hole N" The Rock is located approximately 12 miles south of Moab, UT along Highway 191.  Signs painted high upon the sandstone direct both north and southbound travelers to the location.

Site Information:
Constructed over 20 years, the 'world famous' Hole N" The Rock was the home of Albert and Gladys Christensen.  The home was carved out of the sandstone by the Christensen family and boasts 5,000 square feet and 14 bedrooms.  The home is now used as a museum and gitf shop while the grounds have been converted into an exotic zoo, a trading post, and an eclectic collection of signs, metal sculptures, and buildings.

Notes About our Visit:
We spent roughly 30 minutes visiting the gift shop, trading post, and exploring the grounds taking photographs.  We found the random collection of buildings, sculptures, and signs located on the grounds to be whimsical and wonderful to photograph.  Everything from the mannequin in the overhead cable car to the license plate covered jeep in the parking lot created a sense of wonder.  As we were passing through the area headed for Bluff, we did not take the time to tour the home, which costs $5/person, or the private zoo.