2011 Lone Warrior

N 38° 51.197  W 110° 48.225

Getting There:
Access to the site is fairly easy, following the same unpaved frontage roads along Interstate 70 as you would to go to the Head of Sinbad pictograph.  Instead of turning north and crossing under Interstate 70, continue following the frontage road as it turns South.  A couple miles later you will see a sign for the turnoff to the site.

Site Information:
When you arrive at the parking area you will see two fenced off areas.  The Lone Warrior pictograph is located at the farthest with a pair of faint figures located at the first.

Notes About our Visit:
We arrived at the site late after our visit to the Head of Sinbad site.  This location faces south east, so our lighting was less than ideal for taking photos.  We spent approximately 15 minutes exploring the area before we headed off.  I believe the best time to take photos of the pictograph would be first thing in the morning as it would provide better light.

Although we did not camp here, the area looked perfect for finding an unimproved campsite in a secluded area.  There were several spur roads that also looked like they would be fun to explore.