Review of Sun Oven Part 1

Sun Oven International Inc. sent us their Global Sun Oven to test for 90-days. Our experience with the company has been very good. We received the oven in October and quickly set out to do some preliminary tests at home before we attempted to use the oven in the field. This is our preliminary review of the oven. Our final review will be posted in the following weeks.


The Global Sun Oven’s base is constructed of a black plastic box and a black metal inner liner. A layer of insulation is sandwiched between the two and the oven’s top is capped with a wooden frame. The oven’s glass door opens with two hinges and is secured in place with two twist locks. The reflector array is made up of six polished metal panels which fold together for storage and quickly open for use. An adjustable post, located on the back of the oven, is used to adjust the ovens angle. Two bolts on the interior of the oven support a pivoting tray, which allows the contents to sit level as the oven’s angle is adjusted.

How it works

With the reflector array opened and secured in place with the twist lock, the glass door can be opened and the supplied black enamel ware pot can be placed on the pivoting tray. The oven’s internal temperature is regulated by changing its orientation with the sun using the adjustment post to change the ovens angle off of vertical and rotating the oven toward or away from the sun.

Our Thoughts

We found the Global Sun Oven to be very easy to use during our preliminary testing.  We were pleasantly surprised to find how quickly the oven heated up, given the ambient temperature here in Idaho was hovering around 50 degrees F.  We used the oven mostly as a slow-cooker on the weekends to prepare dinners.  We were able to easily adjust the ovens orientation with the sun to control the internal temperature to between 225 and 250 degrees F, although we could have easily raised the temperature to well above 350 degrees F if we had desired.  We enjoyed how we could easily adapt our standard slow-cooker recipes to use in the Global Sun Oven.

Chili Colorado

Our testing will continue over the next few weeks and will include our thoughts as we travel with the oven to the Four-Corners region.