Review of OvaEasy

We first encountered OvaEasy, by Nutriom, at the 2011 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.  I must say we were a little skeptical when we first approached the booth and inquired about the product.  I had tried the typical dehydrated eggs in the past and was, well less than impressed.  Memories of rubbery, off-colored, and odd-flavored scrambled eggs began to surface.

As we spoke with the Nutriom representative, he began to explain what set his product apart from the competition.  "The process," he explained, "was the key to the difference."  A low-temperature dehydration process maintains the egg's protein structure as it evaporates the moisture without cooking.  They claimed their product tasted and acted just like fresh eggs and had a shelf life of 18 months.

To prove it, the representative offered to make up a fresh batch of scrambled eggs for us to taste.  The taste was great and the texture was right.  We were impressed!

Product Information:
OvaEasy comes in two forms, Whole Egg and Egg Whites.  The wholes are sold in 1 and 6.5 dozen egg packages while the whites are sold in 2 and 4.75 dozen egg packages.  Both can be purchased in sealed metal cans to extend the shelf life up to 7 years.

Our Test:
Okay, so we admit making scrambled eggs is easy, but how would OvaEasy holdup to the riggers of other recipes?  We were lucky enough to bring two bags of OvaEasy home with us to test more thoroughly.  We chose to prepare omelets with the eggs to test how well they would hold up to being folded and mixed with milk and cream.

OvaEasy crystals

Following the preparation instructions we made six eggs for our omelet, mixing two parts OvaEasy with three parts water, in a bowl; we then wisked in a small amount of milk and cream.  We cooked the egg mixture in our non-stick frying pan, as we would with fresh eggs, pulling back the edges and tipping the pan to allow the eggs to cook.  When most of the liquid had cooked, we were able to flip the omelet without issue using our nylon spatula.

After flipping the omelet, we layered one side with fresh goat cheese, avocado, and spinach before we slid it out of the pan and onto the plate.  We were impressed with how well the omelet turned out.  Not only did it form perfectly, but our omelet tasted wonderful.  The filling didn't overpower the eggs and allowed their flavor to come through.

We really like OvaEasy; the product was just as advertised.  It tasted and acted just like freshly cracked eggs.  With cooler space always at a premium on long trips, it makes sense to supplemental our ingredients with items that don't require refrigeration.  Nutriom has created a product that tastes great, stores easily when traveling, and does not require refrigeration.  We would recommend this product for everybody, even if you have plenty of room in your cooler.  Eggs can be hard to keep safe and OvaEasy makes it easy!  We encourage you to give this product a try for your self and tell us what you think.