Review of Cutting Boards by Casabella

As with preparing meals at home, food safety is a critical aspect of a trip's overall success.  Sometimes a clean work surface for food prep can be difficult to find when traveling in the back country.  Space is valuable when traveling in the 4Runner and often limits the amount of equipment we are able to take with us into the field.  For years we traveled around with two small, but heavy, white plastic cutting boards for our meal preparation.  We have tried various designs over the years, but nothing seemed to really stand out until we found the line of silicone-backed cutting boards by Casabella.

Material: Silicone backed plastic
Size: 16"x12-1/4"
Price: $14.99/set of four
Color-coded to prevent contamination; there is a cutting board for fish, meat, chicken, and vegetables.

Our Thoughts:
We have been using the Casabella cutting boards on our trips for about six months now, and the set of four has replaced the two heavy cutting boards we used to carry with us.  The silicone backing does a great job of keeping them in place, even during the most vigorous of dicing--they don't slip or slide at all, even when wet.  Having four cutting boards allows us the flexibility to prepare multiple dishes at once without cluttering up a single work surface.  We found the hole, located at the top of each board, to be great for hanging the unused ones from a screw on the side of a drawer ready for use.

The boards are thin and require a solid surface to cut on.  We found they worked well with the prep-table I created for the top of our passenger side drawer.  When doubled up there was even enough rigidity to even work on our Alps Mountaineering Dining Table.

The addition of the Casabella Cutting Boards to our field kitchen has really simplified our lives.  Their compact size and shape lend themselves well to this type of travel as they easily pack away in the drawers of our 4Runner.  I do believe we have found a great solution to food preparation in the field and would recommend the Casabella Cutting Boards to anyone looking for a good cutting board for use in a field and camp kitchen.