Review of Fold-To-Go camp toilet by Reliance Products

Fold-To-Go in Valley of the Gods, UT

We are strong believers in the 'Pack it in Pack it out' philosophy of back country travel and for several years we toted around the Reliance Products Luggable Loo and their Double Doodie Waste Bags with Bio-Gel.  The system is simple and effective but the size of the Luggable Loo took up a fair amount of space in our 4Runner and after the sleeping platform was installed we decided look for a new setup.  After contacting Reliance Products, they were kind enough to send out their Fold-To-Go toilet for review.

Length: 14.50 Width: 4.50 Height: 14.50
Weight: 4.50lbs
Price: $42.99

Our Thoughts:
We have been using Reliance products for several years we were excited to try out their folding toilet on our trips.  The toilet uses their standard Double Doodie Waste Bags and the system can be setup, ready for use in less than a minute.  The three legs easily fold out and click into place, providing a sturdy and stable platform for sitting.  At 260 pounds, I never felt like the toilet would collapse beneath me, even when placed in an off-camber position.  The size of the toilet worked well for storage behind the driver's seat and below the sleeping platform.

Waste bags are installed by tilting both the lid and seat back and placing the bags black inner liner around the lip of the toilet's base frame.  Once in place, lower the seat into position and the toilet is ready for use.  Used waste bags were stored in our plastic trash tote on the roof basket and when we arrived in a location with a dumpster, we discarded them with the rest of our trash.

We found the Reliance Products Fold-To-Go toilet to work very well.  The size allows it to store easily inside of our 4Runner but don't let that fool you because it is sturdy enough to support even me, the heaviest of travelers.  We feel Reliance Products did a great job designing this toilet and would recommend it to anybody looking for a collapsible camping toilet for their travels as ours will be traveling with us on all of our trips.