Review of Stanley NINETEEN 13 Water Bottle

Materials: Stainless Steel and BPA Free plastic
Capacity: 24floz
Price: $15.00

Our Thoughts:
It can be tough finding a water bottle that fits the small cup holders on the 4Runner.  It is even harder to find one that is easy to open while driving.  Past experience has seen me placing a water bottle between my knees, unscrewing the cap, placing the cap in the hand holding the steering wheel, and then taking a drink of water.  You can see how this can be dangerous, taking your attention from the road can lead to an accident.

We were excited when we were able to pick up a pair of their NINETEEN 13 1-Handed Water Bottles at the 2012 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.  The pair have traveled with us for 4 months now and they have become our go-to water bottles.  The one-handed push-button lid is easy to operate and the bottle's fit securely in the cup holder.  The only complaint I have with the water bottle is the stated capacity.  I think they could have hit one out of the park if they had listed the capacity as  26floz/750ml instead of the 24floz/710ml.  You see the first thing I thought about when I saw the bottle was a 750ml bottle of wine and how this would be the perfect complement to our GSI Outdoors wineglasses.  It wasn't until I verified the capacity that I realized it would in fact hold a full 750ml bottle of our favorite wine.

It isn't very often that you find an outdoor product as versatile as a water bottle.  We use them all the time at work, at home, and when we travel.  We have found the Stanley NINETEEN 13 water bottle to be a great addition to our travel gear.  The one-handed design and actual capacity lends itself to keeping us hydrated with water while driving and storing/serving your favorite wine when on the trail.  Stanley missed the mark on their marketing because the water bottle could be sold to people who are looking for a way to take their favorite wine to outdoor concerts that don't allow glass.  Regardless, we would recommend this water bottle to anyone looking to stay hydrated while driving or for those indeviduals looking for a way to store wine for outdoor concerts or traveling in the back country.