LIFEPROOF iPhone 4/4s Case Review

by: Josh Vanderford


  • Waterproof vents on all mics and speakers
  • Anti-reflective optical glass lens 
  • Waterproof and dirt-proof seals on case and port 
  • Scratch-resistant, waterproof screen protector 
  • Polycarbonate frame 
  • Non-stick cover 
  • Shock-absorbing elastomer

Our Thoughts:
As an active dad of a young family and small business owner I have had my share of mishaps with cell phones, whether it’s the toilet bowl ‘swirled’ iPhone, wash machine flooded go phone or ‘dropped’ tested flip phone, you name it, and it has probably been experienced.  Since upgrading at the beginning of this year to the iPhone 4 I have been skeptical that I would have much success lasting 6 months, let alone almost a full year without some disaster striking the Apple phone which has no warranty. I must be crazy- right?! Regardless the value of the smartphone has been worth the risk, it is my lifeline between family and customer’s without it I would not be as current with my teens texting or customer’s invoices. With all of this increasing value the search has been on for a protective case, I have tried the otterbox silicone case and disliked the “grabby” feel when pocketing the phone or the sloppy fitment which seemed to be affected by the humidity, regardless I used it because I needed protection. Eventually, I ended up becoming annoyed by the bulkiness of the otterbox case and removed the case entirely- I had had enough. Now with no protective case, and it would be just a matter of time before disaster would strike.

Fortunately I discovered LIFEPROOF, the case is hands down the best case for the money, on the pricier end of other cases on the market, it delivers on it’s four “Life” accounts waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof, and shock proof. I have learned to appreciate the peace of mind it offers and it’s simple ergonomic design, with no sticky, grabby case or bulk associated with other protective cases. I can actually use this case with little to no interference and incredible sense of confidence that no other case could offer. However, there were a few issues with the silence button, which is awkward to use as the phones design reverses the switch toggle direction, and the charge door does not effectively accept all brands of charger plug ends, the audio jack has similar restriction. Overall, this case has met my personal requirements, whether it used in the garage, office, by the pool I confidence rh t for a good phone case, and would recommend it to anyone seeking an upgrade.