Extended rear brake lines

By Beau Johnston

Lifting a 4Runner means more than just installing taller springs and longer shocks.  The added height requires increasing the rear brake line, and while there are some Toyota specialty shops that sell extended brake lines, I found them to be very expensive.  Many people choose to save some money by purchasing a second OEM hose and 'daisy-chaining' two lines together.  I saw this as increasing the points of failure/leaking so I opted for the one-piece route.  I figured if I was buying one, I might as well only have one.

I spent roughly 30 minutes cross-referencing different part numbers and lengths to find CarQuest part number SP9078.


  • Length: 19"
  • Toyota PN: 9694034606
  • Price: $23.45

Installation of the new brake line was very easy.  I started by disconnecting the hose from the hard-line attached to the body.  I used a Little 'Red Cap' caulk tube cover to prevent brake fluid from flowing out of the hard-line.

After disconnecting the hose from the axle hard-line, I installed the new brake line, bled the brakes, and was on my way.