Review: Buck Knives' Stowaway Kit

by: Beau Johnston

Buck Knives Stowaway Kit

  • Blade Length: 4 7/8"
  • Blade Material: 410HC (serrated)
  • Handle Material: PaperStone
  • Knife Weight: 3.4 oz.
  • Cutting Board: PaperStone
  • Cutting Board: 6" x 8" and is 1/2" thick
  • Price: $75 (Small); $80 (Large)

Our Thoughts:
I am a firm believer in the importance of a quality knife, especially when it comes to the camp kitchen.  If we think of knives as tools, the size and shape of the blade determine its function.  All too often people use the wrong knife for the job, and that is when we experience problems; I have many scars on my fingers to prove this.

So what can we tell from the blade design for the Stowaway Kits?  The kits are based around Buck Knives' 941 Spreader knife, which features a thin/flexible 410HC blade with a serrated edge.  The full-length tang is covered by a triple-riveted PaperStone handle.  The blade is designed as a general purpose kitchen knife, able to tackle the tasks of general meal preparation.  The flexible, serrated blade is suited for slicing cheeses, spreading peanut butter, slicing softer vegetables and bread.  The blade's flexibility would not be suited to cutting firmer vegetables like carrots and the blades width would not be suited for boning meat.

The 941 Spreader nests under the PaperStone cutting board
held in place with a recessed magnet

The blade lives up to its design and has performed well over the last several months of use.  The knife has worked well for general food preparation when a larger chef's knife isn't needed.  The 941 has also worked well as a steak knife and slices effortlessly through both cooked and raw meats.  The whole kit is extremely handy and makes slicing meats and cheeses for lunch easy.  I like design of the Stowaway's cutting board, which securely holds the 941 on its underside using a magnet and cross brace.  The blade's edge is recessed in the board's machined groove, keeping fingers safe from being cut.

Buck Knives succeeded in developing a kitchen knife, well suited to general food preparation tasks, and paired with with a convenient PaperStone cutting board to create the handy Stowaway Kit.  We would recommend the Stowaway Kits to anyone looking for a general purpose kitchen knife and cutting board for their chuck box or kitchen drawer.  Our Stowaway Kit now resides on our 4Runner's kitchen drawer, along side our two favorite chef knifes, and is the first thing we pull out when we make lunch.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Stowaway Kit for free from Buck Knives