Review: CruzerLite TPU Cases

by: Krista Johnston
Blue Tree Persona Case for Samsung Galaxy Nexus


  • Shock absorbent
  • Made from TPU material
  • Sleek, lightweight design
  • Cutouts for all ports and buttons
  • Screen left exposed for full functionality
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Anti-scratch material
  • Price: $12.50-$25

Androidified TPU Case for Motorola Razr M

Our Thoughts:
These cases not only protect our phones, but also they prevent them from inevitably flying out of our hand, which is commonplace with other cases.  The soft, clear rubber provides ample cushion if my phone were to fall, but the slightly textured sides prevents me from losing my grip on it.  The thickness of the case is thin, very comparable to other phone cases on the market.  Some phones with non-slip grip seem to attract lint or get stuck in your pocket, but the TPU case design has neither of these common problems.  The phone has all of the side buttons and The only thing I would change would be the coverage on the front of the phone—there was 1-2 mm of space between the phone’s glass face and the case.  This allowed dust to gather in the small crevice…probably only bothersome to someone OCD like me.

The case provides cutouts for camera, speakers, and microphones

The material on the Blue Tree Persona Case provided was more of a smooth yet pliable plastic.  I really liked the visual appeal of this case and it, unlike the clear case, did not have a small space between the case and the phone’s glass.  The downside of this is that this case is not as easy to grip as the other case, but it does what is needed most—it adequately protects your phone from bumps and falls.  This Klutz thoroughly tested this aspect by dropping the phone several times from over three feet.   I wouldn't say it is a slippery case, and while I prefer the Androidified TPU Case, I wouldn't dissuade one from using this great looking case, especially if they aren't a klutz.

Cutouts provide ample space to access buttons

Unlike the case I was using before I received the CruzerLite cases, these cases have all of the appropriate openings for the side buttons, sensor, and speakers.  Other cases also cause the phone proximity sensor to not realize you have pulled the phone away from your ear to reengage the touch screen, a very annoying problem when you are trying to turn on the speaker phone mid-call or trying press numbers when calling an automated system.  Neither of these cases have that problem!

Both of these cases will more than adequately protect your phone if it is bumped or dropped.  I preferred the Androidified TPU case because of how easy it is to grip, but I wouldn't say I dislike the Blue Tree Persona Case, it just isn't the case for someone like me who tends to drop anything in my hands.
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