Review: Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6

 By Johnathan Aulabaugh

There is nothing quite like a trip like this to bring a family together and let everyone enjoy the outdoors. Of course in some instances a tent can make or break you. Rain, cold, wind - All can destroy the perfect camping trip by simply making one person miserable.  While I do not subscribe to the belief that the most expensive product is the best, I do believe in buying quality made products I have used countless cheap tents and had the fall apart within a year. If a cheap tent does not last through the first camping trip, you are on the wrong track...


  • Weight: 18lbs 2oz
  • 6 person  (3-4 recommended)
  • 12.5 x 6ft floor space
  • 5'6 tall (at peak)
  • 2 door, 2 room tent
  • 4 DAC poles
  • Polyester Floor/ Polyester Ripstop walls/ nylon mesh 
  • MSRP: $539

Our Thoughts:
The flying diamond 6 is referred to as a 3-4 season tent and while I would not quite call it a true 4 season tent, this tent is solid in all weather except for maybe deep snow, and I only say that because the full coverage fly does not quite hit the ground all the way around like most 4 season tents do. The dome design with multiple DAC pole system proves to be strong in wind and not overly heavy.

So what is to like about the Flying Diamond 6? Well first off it is extremely easy to setup. I would suggest setting the tent up a few times before going camping with it just to be sure of where things go. The flying diamond also has 2 rooms. The main room is large and fits 2 people very easily along with gear that you plain do not want to be without. The small room is perfect for a kid to sleep in and have a little quiet time and space of their own. The Flying Diamond 6 has held up to a lot of wind, rain, and even a little snow with no problems. Add in a nice sized vestibule and this tent is pretty fair

What's not so great? Mind you I am being picky and thinking of the ideal tent for year round camping. The height for one. I am only 5'8 and this tent is just short enough at 5'6 that my head grazes the ceiling in the middle of the tent. For taller people this tent might be a tad short to stand in and be comfortable. Another issue with this tent is the sharp angle that the vestibule zips closed. It makes it tough to close it all down after a long day of exploring.

At 18lbs, this tent is not light but for a car camping system it is packaged right and has enough area to be comfortable. If the summer months and camping spot allow for a little breathing room, leave the vestibule off and enjoy the night sky via a mesh roof. In rougher weather the poly floor and ripstop vestibule will keep you dry and happy.

Over all the Flying Diamond 6 is a great weekend tent and as I write this I am also planning our next family adventure. If the above sounds about right for your needs I encourage you to get out and enjoy the world around you. This tent has lasted a lot longer than many of our previous tents with little or no visible wear.