The Hidden Wyoming Project

I (Beau) am excited to announce the launch of my new photography project and website.  Krista and I have been mesmerized by Wyoming's natural beauty since moving here in 2012.  Images of wide open spaces, wildlife, and national parks are evoked when one thinks of Wyoming.  Wyoming's rivers, mountains, and high deserts culminate in a magical landscape with unrivaled beauty.  But there is so much more to see when you venture 'off the beaten path.'

I started The Hidden Wyoming Project as an aside to our current travels.  I want to tell the story of Wyoming's little-known gems; those places seldom visited by outsiders, yet area a valuable part of the landscape.  I wish to compile a collection of photographs, from across Wyoming, that evoke a sense of wonder and a desire to explore.  Visit The Hidden Wyoming Project's website to learn more about the project.