Review: Vapur Eclipse

by Johnathan Aulabaugh

Size: 32fl.oz.
Material: BPA-free polyethylene & nylon
Price: $13.95 (REI)

Our Thoughts:
The Vapur water bottle, or should a say Anti-Bottle?

There is something about a beautiful hike along a slow moving creek. Enjoying the cool mountain air. The sights and  sounds of water slipping by rocks, the lush green trees that line the bank, the half empty water bottle that some ungrateful hiker left before you...
To me this is one of the few things that get to me when I am actually in nature. Seeing someone else' litter is unacceptable for me. No I am not some environmental extremist but let's face it. It is estimated that over 200 billion bottles of water are consumed globally every year. Out of that it is said that only 1 in 6 bottles get recycled. That is a pretty poor number really. Having a water bottle at hand is easy and unlike many glasses you can take it with you and you know that the water you are drinking is "pure". It's a convenience thing that makes you feel better because your also drinking healthy water.

Vapur has seen the light from a semi new perspective and although it is not perfect in my opinion, it is a better alternative than most things on the market. The Vapur Eclipse is a collapsible bottle that can be rolled up and tucked away when empty. This BPA free, dishwasher safe bottle is no slouch either. when full it stands upright. The USA manufactured anti-bottle is also quite tough being freezer safe and durable for use in some pretty rugged conditions. Plus it is 87% lighter than the average plastic bottle.

I mentioned earlier that it was not perfect and it is my opinion that the only week point on the Eclipse Anti-Bottle is the carabineer. It is plastic and does not hold its shape during activity very well. The little clip often finds its way onto the off side of the carabineer. Other than that, the super cap is great, never a leak and I even go so far as to push out all of the air before resealing and continuing with my journey to keep the water from sloshing as I walk. The seal is great and the spout is easy to get water from even for kids. My daughter likes the bottle herself and is constantly stealing my water because it is easier than getting her water bottle out of the backpack.

All in all I think Vapur is on to something and with their filtration units it is sure to please the sportsmen and athletes of all walks.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Eclipse for free from Vapur.