Announcement: 2014 Wyoming Overland Rendezvous

Photo from the 2013 Event

Mark you calendars for June 20-22 as we head to Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains for a weekend of back-country exploration, great food, and making new friends!  We received a lot of feedback from our 2013 event that we decided to make the Rally a Yearly event.  Each year we will scout a new location to visit to help showcase the beauty our great state has to offer.  This year we will be exploring the western side of the Big Horn Mountains near Shell, Wyoming.

Event Information:
  • Location
    • Ranger Creek, Wyoming
      • GPS Info. (Latitude, Longitude):
        • 44°32'45"N, 107°29'57"W
      • Located 34 miles east of Greybull, Wyoming on U.S. Highway 14. Turn off onto Paintrock Lake Road (Forest Road 17). Ranger Creek Campground is 3.5 miles from the turnoff, 2 miles beyond Shell Creek Campground.
  • Schedule:
    • Friday June 20
      • Friday activities have been canceled.  The event now starts on Saturday
    • Saturday June 21
      • Activity: Group drive to Shell Reservoir and Lake Adelaide (depending on level of interest)
      • Dinner: Potluck
        • Come with your favorite entree/side and a hearty appetite!  If you would like, Krista and I can bring some burgers/brats for everybody to enjoy.
      • Evening Activity: 'tall tails' told around the campfire
    • Sunday June 22
      • Pack up and head out in the morning
  • Cost:
    • Cost will vary by the number of people that attend
      • The group site costs $129 to rent for the weekend
      • Participants will be responsible for providing their own food and drink during the event

Update - 5/29:

I got a recent note from Dave (outofrshell) saying the snow was nearly gone at the Shell Ranger Station but there was quite a lot of snow up higher. The lower gate is still locked but the road looked clear. I will call the FS later this week to check on dates.
Join the group discussion and help plan the event on the event's Expedition Portal thread:
2014 Rendezvous Suggestions

Here are some additional photos from our 2013 event!