Review: Grand Truck Single Hammock

  • Weight: 16oz
  • Weight Capacity: 400lbs
  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 5ft
  • Fabric: Parachute Nylon
  • Price: $54.99
My Thoughts:
Just look at this beauty, it wears the quality logo like a badge of honor. Grand Trunk was nice enough to give you a handle at the base of its self contained sack. They even label whether its a single or double hammock model with another quality stitched badge. Talk about convenience! Opening up the hammock you'll realize that the hammock has

everything you need to hang it up within the sack; carabiners, lashing rope, and the hammock itself. You'll also notice that it comes with directions on how to fully setup and utilize your new hammock. Just remember that you need solid anchors whether its a tree or a combination of rocks and some creative rigging. With a little knowledge of knowing the ropes you can camp where tent campers can't, not only that but you'll feel like you're resting in the palm of Gods hand while doing so. So safe and secure. Hammocks are incredibly quick to set up and tear down, so you're friends will envy you as you watch them set up their complicated twelve pole tent that requires a PhD to set up.

I did notice a few things with the hammock. The lashing rope is quite short if you use it the way the directions tell you to. In fact I had to extend the rope as there was not enough supplied rope with the hammock. Thankfully my vehicle was close so the extension piece was readily available. The hammock also came with several feet of excess thread in multiple areas. More of an annoyance then anything when they could have easily removed this with some quality control. I think if I were to use this camping in the winter I would buy a full body expedition grade suit along with a few boxes of heat packs. (Hey don't laugh I get cold easily!)

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Single Hammock for free from Grand Trunk as coordinated by Deep Creek PR, an Outdoor Industry Public Relations Company, in consideration for review publication.