Birding at Godeneye Reservoir - Wyoming

Well it is the end of July and I cannot believe how quickly the summer is flying by.  It is funny how, during the winter moths, we dream about summer and all of the travel we are going to be able to do.  We anticipate visiting new places, seeing new sights, and meeting new people.  And then reality sets in and you have to take the opportunities you are handed.  Krista and I have been alternating back and forth being out of town on work and this time it was my turn to drop Krista off at the airport.  Having to wake up at 4:15 gave me an excuse to get out and do some exploring.

High Stepping

I chose to head out to a small reservoir about 30 minutes northwest of Casper called Goldeneye.  Reports had been coming in from that it was a hot spot for birding and a few rare birds had been spotted in the last few weeks.  I arrived before the sun came up and was rewarded with one of the best sunrises I had witnessed in several years.  The water was calm and the shorebirds were busy feeding in the morning light.

Least Sandpiper

I chose a spot next to the water and sat down with my camera.  Getting as low as I could I was able to observe several species of shorebirds and waterfowl feeding.  I had a great time and was able to capture another image for my Hidden Wyoming project!  It is amazing how a small body of water in the high desert can transform the landscape.  These oases provide refuge for many types of migratory birds and are a great place to view wildlife, of all types.

American Avocet