Review: (EO)2 Fastener

You know those products that, upon seeing them, you think to yourself 'Why didn't I think of that?'  I recently had that experience when I discovered the (EO)2 Fastener's mounting system.  (EO)2 stands for 'Easy-On' and 'Easy-Off' and is comprised of two channels, which click together, and can be used to quickly attach virtually anything to your roof rack.

Bottom Rail Specifications:
  • Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Lengths: 12.75" to 44"
SnapTop Rail Specifications:
  • Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Lengths: 7" to 16"

Initial Thoughts:
You know, I don't even remember what I was searching the internet for when I stumbled across the (EO)2 website, began browsing through the components, and immediately started thinking about all of the possibilities.  A light bulb turned on as started imagining how I could mount a set of bottom rails on our Subaru, a set on our 4Runner, a set on our FJ40, and even a set of rails on the wall in our garage.  Then, with a set of SnapTop rails attached to Pelican cases and a fuel can holder, be able to quickly move equipment from one vehicle to another and even store equipment in the garage (out of the way on the wall).  Couple this with their SnapPack backpack system and you can realistically take a Pelican case full of camera equipment from storage on your wall, click it onto your vehicle's roof rack, drive to a destination, transfer the case onto the SnapPack, and hike to a photo shoot.

So far I am really impressed with the setup.  The SnapTop and Bottom rails snap together quickly and without much force and yet keeps the system securely in place.  We mounted one of the 32" Bottom Rail onto our Subaru Outback's roof rack, loaded one of their SnapTop Carrier Cases with gear and headed to Salt Lake City for the Outdoor Retailer Show.  The SnapTop rail easily clicks onto the bottom rail and best of all, the SnapTop has an integrated lock to ensure the case doesn't 'walk away' when we are not looking.

Wind noise was virtually nonexistent, even doing 80 mph (yes we have 80mph speed limits in Wyoming!!!) the SnapTop Carrier Case did not budge, vibrate, or shift.  Again, I cannot help but think of all the things we can mount to the SnapTop rails and click onto our roof racks.  I can see bike racks, fuel can holders, SUP holders, propane bottle holders, and fishing rod holders (I think you get the idea of how versatile I see these being) on and off of any vehicle in any configuration.

Stay tuned for our complete review in September!