Review: UST Duro 30 Day Lantern

UST Duro 30 Day Lantern
  • Output: 300 Lumen (maximum)
  • Light Modes: High, Medium, Low, SOS Flashing
  • Run Time: 30 days (low), 32 hrs (high)
  • Beam Distance: 7 meters 
  • Water Resistance: IP x 4
  • Impact Resistance: 2 meters 
  • Height x Diameter: 7.2" x 3.75" 
  • Weight (w/ batteries): 1.13 lb 
  • Power Source: 3 D batteries
  • MSRP: $49.99

UST Duro 30 Day Lantern Our Thoughts:
We picked up the UST 30 Day Lantern up from our local sporting goods store a back in 2013, more or less on a whim. We had grown tired of our old/heavy/big led lanter and were looking for something that had enough output to illuminate camp but could be dimmed so as not to blind oneself when using it in a tent.  The 30 Day Lantern seemed to fit our needs and has since lived in the back of our 4Runner, traveling with us on every adventure since then.  The adage, 'Big things come in small packages', rings true with this lantern.  The whopping 300 lumens produced is staggering, and we have used the 30 Day Lantern as the sole source of camp light on all of our camping trips since purchase.

The beauty of a good camping lantern is its versatility.  Not only has the 30 Day Lantern been our go-to lantern for our last two years of adventures, but it has also been our go-to illumination when the power goes out at home.  Headlamps and flashlights are perfect for looking for items or hiking down a trail, but there comes the point when I want to illuminate more than a small area.  I have been known to walk out to the 4Runner to grab the lantern when we have lost power.

UST Duro 30 Day Lantern

Unlike other lanterns our team has reviewed, the UST 30 Day Lantern lives up to the claim it is "strong enough for the most rugged adventures." The rubberized top and base have survived multiple falls from the back of our 4Runner, and the removable globe has done a great job resisting scratches. There is an O-ring to seal the globe to the base and an O-ring to seal the battery compartment. Both have proven themselves to seal the body against moderate rainstorms.

I am particularly fond of the recessed hook, which has proved indispensable.  This, combined with the removable globe, works great in a tent and also serves as a great light source for working under the hood.

I know I seem to be raving about the UST 30 Day Lantern, but it has grown on me.  I wasn't sure what to expect from UST, having never used any of their products before purchasing the lantern, but they have knocked this design out of the park.  It may not be the brightest lantern, or the most water resistant, but it is the best overall compact lantern I have used, and I do not see myself replacing it any time soon.  I would highly recommend this lantern to anyone looking for a compact camp lantern that packs a punch.

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