Snowshoeing: Beat those winter blues!

Let's face it, if you live in the northern regions of the United States, winters can seemingly go on forever. Snow tends to accumulate even before it is officially winter. By the time February rolls around you are suffering from the age-old Cabin-Fever and need to get out of the house. Luckily with snow comes the opportunity for great snowshoeing. Over the last few years, Krista and I have jumped headlong into this Nordic sport and it has changed the way we view winter - It affords us the opportunity to explore a world transformed by snow.

Low-Cost Winter Sport 

Overland Journal, Overland Expo, Expedition Portal, Outdoor Retailer, REIThe great thing about the sport is it can be enjoyed without investing a lot of money in gear. Chances are you already own most of the winter gear you would need to start snowshoeing. Many community gear shops know for renting bicycles during the summer also rent snowshoes during the winter. If you choose to buy your own gear, shoes can be purchased online for as little as $120 and a complete setup (snowshoes and poles) can be had for under $200.

Where to Go 

Overland Journal, Overland Expo, Expedition Portal, Outdoor Retailer, REI

As the popularity of snowshoeing increases more and more communities are investing in the development of dedicated Nordic trail systems that cater directly to snowshoers. Many of these trails piggyback on the multitude of groomed trail systems already used by cross country and Nordic skiers. Several communities have begun installing warming huts as destinations for winter explorers to warm up next to a wood-burning stove. I recently visited one such warming hut on a snowshoeing trip near Oregon's Mt. Bachelor. The hut was fully stocked with firewood and I had a great conversation with some of the locals who were out enjoying the fresh powder the area had just received.

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