The Concept Explained

I am an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fly fishing, camping, rockhounding, and just relaxing in wild places. I am also a self-proclaimed 'Foodie Camper', and love to cook and eat well when camping. In preparing for trips I began noticing a general lack of information regarding the topic and decided to take the plunge into the Blogosphere. I plan to use this blog to explore the idea of gourmet cooking in the outdoors and collaborate with others to further develop recipes, discuss equipment, techniques, and pre-trip preparation.

I want to make sure the average camper can prepare the recipes I discuss, so I won't be using elaborate equipment or gear. I am currently camping with a 1960's Coleman 2-burner liquid fuel stove, a small 10" non-stick skillet, a medium sized GSI Glacier Stainless Cookset, an aluminum percolating coffee pot, and a Rubbermaid cooler.
I hope you enjoy!