Traveling through Chile - Valparaiso Part B

Day two in Valpo started out much more relaxed. Our B&B had a large patio that overlooked the cerros of Valpo and the Pacific Ocean. We enjoyed a medley of fruit, cheese, wonderful bread (reminded me of Germany), avocado to spread on the bread, and coffee. Next, we walked along Avanida Alemania which winds its way between the cerros. We saw numerous stray dogs, beautiful churches that have survived huge earthquakes, breathtaking vistas and men with carts full of the days catch yelling to advertise their goods while the neighborhood stray cats followed hoping for a handout. We then ventured out into downtown Valpo to see many of the “touristy” sights including the Museo Naval y Maritimo (Naval museum), the Ascensor Artilleria, Plaza Sotomayor, the port, and Plaza Eshaurren.

With lunch being the main meal of the day, we decided to grab a bite to eat at a seafood restaurant we stumbled upon. Surprisingly (to us) the restaurant had no menu so it was quite difficult to order our meals. I knew enough Spanish to ask for beer, and fish. The waitress then asked us a series of questions, none of which I really understood. We eventually settled on fried fish with an unknown side dish. The meal, although practically a surprise, turned out wonderfully; the requisite bread and salsa, a large fillet of Merzula (type of fish) freshly caught in the morning and lightly fried up for us and an accompanying salad of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, beets and lemons for dressing the vegetables.

Having had enough of the city, the next plan of attack was to find a beach and soak up the wonderful 80 degree weather. While driving to Con Con, a nearby resort town, we realized that there was a HUGE city-wide party celebrating the last weekend of summer. The beaches were crammed full of people so we decided to get out of town. We drove through landscapes full of lush vegetation separated by sand dunes. Having thoroughly enjoyed our time outside of Valpo and Con Con, we reluctantly headed back towards town to get some dinner and turn in for the night. Alongside the road, we found a little empanada restaurant with a name that roughly translates to “Grandma’s Secret”. The shrimp and queso (cheese) empanadas were freshly prepared and delicious. The drive back to our B&B took almost 3 hours; it should only have taken 45 minutes but the traffic was awful and made us glad to be leaving Valpo in the morning.

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