2011 Independence Day Parade - Leadore, ID

We picked up our campsite on Agency Creek on Monday July 4th, and headed into Leadore, ID to fuel up the 4Runner so we could head down the highway to photograph the Birch Creek Charcoal Kilns and explore Skull Canyon.  When we arrived in Leadore, the town of 90 was spilling over with cars, trucks, and campers.  The area was a beehive of activity.  It was 11am and families had already been set up on the two block parade route, one end of town to the other, for several hours.

After fueling up the 4Runner, we were warmly invited to pull up to the street and enjoy the parade, which started at noon.  We must say, we were glad we did!  What a wonderful group of people and a friendly town.  It is events and people like this that remind us just how lucky we are to live where we do and enjoy the freedoms that allow us to travel to the places we do!

Instead of candy, some 'floats' were tossing these out!
Everybody got a kick out of it.