Fallen Roof Ruin

Ruin: 37°23'46.47"N 109°52'10.24"W
Parking: 37°23'25.99"N 109°53'16.27"W

Getting There:
From Blanding: Follow Highway 191 south and turn west onto Highway 95. Turn south onto highway 261 and follow it to Cigarette Springs Road. Turn east onto Cigarette Springs Road and follow it to 37°23'24.24"N 109°53'19.44"W. Turn left onto a side road and follow it to the parking area. Some guidebooks recommend the use of a high clearance vehicle but we found the road to be good.

From the parking area, follow the fairly well-marked trail to the ruins. When you reach the main canyon you will see a hoodoo on the left. At this point begin to make your way up the canyon wall. As you round the next bend you will see the ruin tucked under an overhang.

*Note, be sure to take some food and plenty of water. The descent and ascent into the canyon can be tiresome.

Notes About our Visit:
We spent 3 hours on this side trip from the time we left the highway to when we returned. The hike into and out of the canyon was tough on my bad knees but it was worth it! The canyon is beautiful and I could see whey the builders chose this remote location. It is high upon the cliff with great views of the canyon and southwest exposure.

After we had explored the ruin, we stayed on top of the sandstone outcropping and traveled around the next corner to a second ruin (37°23'47.64"N 109°52'1.81"W). I was amazed to see the difference in construction between the two. Fallen Roof was constructed of stacked rocks with mud used for mortar whereas this ruin was constructed in a fashion more similar to adobe with wood and interwoven branches and an outer layer of mud.


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