Wolfman Petroglyph

N37° 16' 28", W109° 38' 47"

Getting There:
From Bluff: Travel west along Highway 163 until you reach the airport road on the left. Across the highway from the airport road is a dirt road that heads north through a gate. Follow this road until you reach the cattle guard, turn left and follow the road along the south side of the fence to the parking area.

Site Information:
Follow the stacked rocks, which are the only indication of a trail, down the slick rock and over the cliff to the site. The hike isn’t bad, but there a couple of spots where you have to squeeze between the cliff and a boulder; it would have been easier if I were a little smaller.

Notes About Our Visit:
We spent roughly 40 minutes at the panel enjoying the scale and uniqueness of the work and the wash itself.


Traveling west on highway 163 across Butler Wash, you will come to the Hobbs Wash Memorial marker located on the north side of the highway. From here you can see the faint outline of a road traveling up the ridge. Follow the dirt road to the right to the old paved road. Although we did not camp here, we did follow the road up the ridge and found that it offered multiple locations where one could find an out of the way place to spend the night. The road is washed out on both ends and the only access in and out is via the dirt road at Hobbs Wash Memorial.