Overland Expo 2013

Thank you to everyone who attended our five cooking classes at this year's Overland Expo.  We are truly blessed to have such a great group of blog supporters!  We had a great time, and these were some of the best classes we have ever taught.  Everyone in the classes was engaged, sharing stories and personal experience from their travels.  We could not have asked for a better group!

This year we taught five cooking classes with a total of seven recipes.  Our days were filled with prep-work, cooking, cleaning, and chatting with friends.  We really love this event; no other place can we share so much food with so many people!  What a great weekend, we cannot wait until next year!

Here are the recipes we prepared at the event:
Friday Morning: Olive Tapenade (coming soon) and Rustic Tomato Sauce (coming soon)
Friday Afternoon: Hawaiian Spare Ribs
Saturday Morning: Summer Rolls (coming soon)
Saturday Afternoon: Coconut Rice Pudding (coming soon) and Wine Poached Pears
Sunday Afternoon: Dried Cherry and Red Bell Pepper Quinoa Salad (coming soon)

Thank you to the following companies for their continued support
We would also like to thank the equipment manufacturers that stepped up this year and helped make our lives a little easier at this year's event.

TrekPak provided their organization system for our 4Runner's kitchen drawers.  The system made it easy to find all of our cooking tools during class and kept our truck organized while traveling.  Look for our review and how-to on outfitting our drawers with the system in the July issue of FJC Magazine.

Bergans of Norway
Bergans hooked us up with their Compact Light 3-Person tunnel tent for the show.  I cannot believe how compact this tent stores for as much room as it has.  It collapses to 2/3 the size of our other 3-person tent but has 1/3 more space.  We already love this tent but will have our full review later this summer.

Camp Chef
Camp Chef really came through for us this year and supplied a full stove and grill kit for us to use in our cooking classes.  I cannot say enough about the generosity of this company.  We could not have done our classes without their help.  We look forward to a lifetime of use out of their Expedition 3X stove and Pro Grill Box!

GSI Outdoors
GSI sent us their 36-Cup percolator to serve coffee each morning.  I still cannot believe how much coffee this thing makes and how quickly it disappeared each morning.  GSI has been another great company to work with and we really enjoy their products.

AJIK Overland Exchange
AJIK has been a long-time supporter and recent sponsor of our blog.  Their surplus Scepter fuel cans helped keep our 4Runner topped off with gasoline and their 60 watt PowerFilm solar panel helped keep the 4Runner's battery and electronic accessories charged.

Photo by Beau Johnston

If you participated in one of our classes, please contact Overland Expo and let them know how we did.  Each year we apply to teach the cooking classes and we need your help to ensure we get a spot next year and continue to grow the classes.  Sharing a meal with friends, old and new, is the best part of any adventure!