Dripo Cold-Drip Coffee Maker Review

Perhaps it is the long and cold winters or the long hours I spend at work,  but I have become a coffee addict since moving to Wyoming. I also subscribe to the philosophy that I do not want to drink hot beverages on hot days. This has led me on a quest to find an inexpensive way to produce iced coffee. Thankfully the team at goshi introduced me to their new Dripo cold-drip coffee maker.

  • Dimensions: 3.5” Ø x 10.5”
  • Weight:1.2 pounds (empty)
  • Material: BPA-Free plastic
  • Produced Volume: 10 floz
  • Process Time: 1.5 to 2.5 hours
  • Price: $34.95

My Thoughts:
My frame of reference for iced coffee is Starbucks' unsweetened Iced Coffee. This tends to be my go-to drink when we are heading out to the lake with the dogs on summer weekend mornings. My goal was to replace the weekend trips to Starbucks with something that I could make at home. 

I have used Dripo about 20 times now and impressed with how easy it is to use. The design is well thought out and very intuitive to use. I love the fact that the designers included gradations on the side of the grounds cup so I don't have to fuss around with a measuring spoon or scale. Although the volume of grounds depends on the grind, the gradations have proven close enough that I cannot perceive a taste difference.

As with drip or pour-over coffee, the type and quality of the bean are the important factors when producing an enjoyable cup of cold-drip coffee. To keep things simple I stuck with the same Ethiopian coffee bean we brew in our pour-over rig, roasted right here in Casper by Mukwano Coffee. It is amazing how the two brewing techniques produce different flavors from the same bean.

At this point in my review I try to find at least one part of a design that I feel can be tweaked to improve the overall product. In this case, I can only recommend that goshi come out with a larger Dripo capable of making two servings of cold-drip coffee. In all, I have been very impressed with how well the system has worked and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to make cold-drip coffee at home. I look forward to packing it in our camping kit and producing coffee with it on our summer camping trips - one of the benefits of owning Dometic's CFX 65DZ fridge/freezer combo is being able to make ice in camp!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I was given the equipment used in this review in consideration for review publication.


Beau Johnston is an engineer, writer, and photographer who is dedicated to proving you can find a balance between work and life. He is the Co-Founder and Publisher of Living Overland, and when he isn't working, you can find him exploring National Parks, fly fishing, and camping with his wife (Krista) and their two dogs.

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